Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

When you have carpet floor at you house or office it needs to be cleaned on regular basis. Even if you vacuum your carpet floor every day, your carpet floor should be cleaned professionally at least once a year. The major advantage of having a professional carpet cleaner is to extend the life of carpets. Furthermore, by having professional carpet cleaning service will give better air quality, reducing allergies and illness causing by carpets.

However, more people tent to do carpet cleaning by DIY (Do-it-yourself) to save money. It is true that DIY is considerably cost effective but the problem is it is never effective as professional cleaning. And also DIY is more time consuming and involves hard work. On the other hand, it could damage the carpet depending on the experience, method, equipments and the chemical which you use to do the carpet cleaning. Therefore, it is wise to hire a professional carpet cleaner or a carpet cleaning company to have quality cleaning.

Inexperienced carpet cleaner or DIY can cause damage in mainly three different ways.

Over - shampooing the carpet

This can happen in two ways. You could use too much shampoo to clean the carpet or you did not rinse it off properly. In both ways you can heavily destroy the carpet. If you use DIY carpet cleaning approaches, it will be impossible to clean the soapy carpet and will be more dirty soon. This will lead to an expensive carpet replacing. Therefore, you should consider having a professional carpet cleaner or a carpet cleaning company to clean you carpet properly.

Over - wetting

This is one of the worst damages you would do to your carpet. When a carpet gets over wet it is extremely hard to make it dry. As a result of this, carpet can be discoloured, shrink and tearing apart from the floor. Apart from that, over wet carpet can cause serious damages to the backing materials and pad. This will lead your house for additional problems of mould and mildew. You might think that you have saved more money by doing carpet cleaning by yourself. But after all, you will end up spending more money to fix the problems that you have created with inexperienced carpet cleaning.

Failure to protect the wet carpet from your furniture.

This is the most common hazard that everybody does after cleaning the carpet. If you bring the furniture in as soon as you cleaned the carpet, furniture can contact with wet surface of the carpet and leave stain marks whether it is metal or wood. As metal can easily rust contacting with a wet carpet and will be really hard to remove the stain. It is known that we do not remove the furniture when we do DIY. But professional carpet cleaners or the carpet cleaning companies remove the furniture or will cover the feet of the furniture.

Now, we hope you have an idea what would cause you to damage your carpet by DIY carpet cleaning. Even though, a professional and experienced carpet cleaning is expensive, you could save money rather than having to deal with more problems if you hire a professional carpet cleaner or an agency with a good reputation.

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